Steven Brady

A Founder's Dream

SXS Consulting

Serious about Sales

I have spent the better part of my professional career helping early stage founders to build and scale their revenue machines and have a proven track record of success - delivering champagne results on canned beer budgets.

SXS Consulting was born in 2021 from a desire to work with early-stage founders ready to “get serious” about sales but lacking serious coin or a serious workload to justify a FTE sales leader.I work with founders of all types from all places to create sales strategy, playbooks, tooling and processes, recruiting, coaching, training, and more. Basically, you get my experience and expertise from multiple $0-1m+ successes at a fraction of BigCo VP Sales (who’ve only ever sold BigCo SaaS.)Some highlights of my performance:

  • Employee #1 of Interseller (b2b SaaS), lead GTM functions and built a team of 7 to go from 0-$2m+ in 3 years. Acquired year 4 by Greenhouse Software.

  • First sales exec at Keep (fintech in 🇨🇦); hit crucial ARR milestone in first 6 months, securing investment from Tribe Capital.

  • Outbound responsible for 90%+ in both cases.

SXS Consulting

Solve with Steve

My expertise lies in the "initial traction" and "initial scale" phases of the early stage and love the challenge of achieving a new milestone - whether it's finding product-market fit, raising investment, developing a new channel, or building a team.

  • Find true product market fit using a data-driven, revenue-focused framework.

  • Take control of your future and ensure you have all the pipeline you need with Outstanding Outbound.

  • Learn how to predictably close more deals, in less time, at higher contract values.

SXS Consulting

Navigating the road ahead

The road to startup success is full of twists, turns, blind corners, and deadly cliffs. When you know where you want to go, it pays to have a guide who has been there.

  • Weekly calls for accountability, tactics, strategy, etc.

  • Develop a strong foundational understanding of sales process and organizational excellence, no matter your background.

  • Confidently own your revenue organization and targets, including how to hire and support your first Sale Lead.

SXS Consulting

Stop dreaming, start doing.

I believe that sales is a service. If you're ready to explore how I can serve you in pursuit of your dreams, let's get in touch.